PVDNC™ AlN Templates

PVDNC™ AlN Templates

Kyma’s PVD with Nanocolumns (PVDNC™) AlN templates, available in diameters from 2" to 12", consist of a thin layer of nanocolumnar crystalline AlN which was grown epitaxially by PVDNC™ on a sapphire or silicon substrate.  Customers use our AlN templates as a low cost alternative to 2-step nitride nucleation processes as well as other custom applications. Kyma uses these templates for a number of different internal needs, including for our GaN epitaxy, on all substrate types. PVDNC™ has excellent scalability which results in lower cost of ownership when ramping production. LED customers report 1) better wavelength uniformity, 2) less ESD vulnerability, 3) higher LED brightness, and 4) better nucleation repeatability. Recently Kyma helped a customer to realize an advanced GaN-on-SI MISHEMT device technology which benefited from 15 microns of Kyma's PVD AlN deposited on the device backside.

Product Details


  • Exceptionally high crystalline quality and purity
  • Customizable doping and composition profiles
  • Scalable production for commercial applications


  • Improved electrical characteristics and thermal stability
  • Enhanced power handling and switching capabilities
  • Reduced energy losses and improved efficiency


  • High-power and high-frequency transistors
  • High-brightness LEDs and laser diodes
  • Power conversion systems for renewable energy
  • Radar and satellite communication systems

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