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The KO-Switch™ is the highest power semiconductor switch of its size with a sub-nanosecond response time. Applications include electric circuit protection, pulsed power, ultra wideband (UWB) radar, and arbitrary waveform generation (AWG).The KO-Switch™ utilizes a specially tailored version of Kyma’s bulk semi-insulating GaN, KO-GaN™, which supports high blocking voltage and low on-resistance. Kyma’s KO-GaN™ materials are grown by a patented and proprietary process based on hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) and are designed to be highly resistive in the dark yet highly conductive when properly illuminated.

Product Details


  • Sub-nanosecond response time
  • Utilizes Kyma's proprietary KO-GaN™ bulk semi-insulating GaN material
  • High blocking voltage and low on-resistance
  • Optically gated and electrically isolated switching
  • Broad spectral response across the visible region


  • Ultrafast switching for high-speed applications
  • High power handling capability in a compact form factor
  • Low jitter and high precision timing control
  • High current carrying capacity
  • Optical control enables electrical isolation and noise immunity
  • Versatile visible light activation spectrum


  • Electric circuit protection and pulsed power systems
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) radar and RF switching
  • Arbitrary waveform generation (AWG) for test and measurement
  • Laser modulation and Q-switching
  • High-speed instrumentation and research applications
  • Switching for harsh environments and high radiation conditions

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