GaN Substrates (Bulk, C-Plane)

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GaN Substrates (Bulk, C-Plane)

Kyma's new c-plane GaN substrates have improved defect density, very low pitting, and is now available in 4”. This new generation of bulk GaN from Kyma is an excellent starting point for specialty lighting, laser diodes, and the burgeoning market of vertical GaN power electronics.  Homoepitaxial growth of GaN device structures on Kyma's bulk GaN substrates greatly improves a number of important device properties when compared with heteroepitaxial growth on SiC, sapphire, or silicon. Kyma's high purity GaN substrate allows GaN-based device manufacturers to eliminate interlayers, processing steps, and improve device quality over those grown on any other substrate.Typical properties of Kyma's c-plane GaN substrates are shown in the table below:

Product Details


  • Ultra-low dislocation density and superior crystalline quality
  • Precise control over doping levels and electrical properties
  • Available in various wafer sizes and epi-ready surface finishes
  • Optimized for vertical device architectures (C-plane orientation)


  • Exceptional electrical characteristics and carrier mobility
  • Enhanced thermal stability and heat dissipation
  • Improved device reliability and lifetime
  • Enables vertical device designs with superior performance


  • High-Power and High-Frequency Transistors (HEMTs)
  • Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs)
  • High-Brightness LEDs and Laser Diodes
  • Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications
  • High-Temperature and Radiation-Resistant Electronics

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