GaN on Sapphire Templates

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GaN on Sapphire Templates

Kyma’s GaN on sapphire templates are available in diameters from 2" up to 8" or 200-mm and consist of a thin layer of crystalline GaN grown by HVPE on a sapphire substrate. Epi-ready templates now available...inquire today! For most of Kyma's GaN templates Kyma employs a patent-protected thin intermediate layer of crystalline PVDNC™ AlN between the GaN and the non-GaN substrate which serves as an excellent nucleation layer for GaN overgrowth. Customer benefits include 1) elimination of long (2-5um) MOCVD or MBE undoped buffer layer growth, and 2) the benefits of a "cleaner" buffer layer as HVPE GaN has higher chemical purity (no carbon!) and greater transparency than MOCVD GaN. Additionally, HVPE GaN can be grown faster and at lower cost than MOCVD GaN, due to a number of factors: HVPE growth can be carried out at 10x the growth rate of MOCVD, it uses less and lower cost starting materials (less NH3 usage, lower cost elemental Ga instead of metalorganic Ga), and the cost of an HVPE tool is typically less than that of an MOCVD tool.

Product Details


  • HVPE-grown GaN layers on sapphire substrates (2" to 8"/200 mm)
  • Proprietary PVDNC™ AlN nucleation layer for improved GaN overgrowth
  • Epi-ready surface for seamless integration with MOCVD or MBE processes
  • High chemical purity and transparency compared to MOCVD GaN


  • Eliminates the need for long undoped buffer layer growth
  • Enables faster and more cost-effective GaN overgrowth compared to MOCVD
  • Improved device performance and yield
  • Scalable and cost-effective solution for high-volume manufacturing


  • High-Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) for RF and power electronics
  • High-brightness LEDs and laser diodes
  • Power switching devices and power amplifiers
  • Optoelectronic and photonic integrated circuits
  • Sensors and actuators for harsh environments

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