Wafer Fabrication & Reclaim

Kyma offers a full line of wafer fabrication & substrate reclaim services, including crystallographic orientation, slicing, dicing, grinding, and polishing.

Kyma has over a decade of experience in fabricating crystalline wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) materials including GaN, AlN, Ga2O3, SiC, and sapphire. All of Kyma's wafer fabrication & substrate reclaim servicesĀ are performed in-house in Kyma's fully equipped wafer fabrication facilities which include fixed abrasive diamond wire saws, custom built grinding tools, and a full suite of polishing tools for planarization, lapping, and chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP). Kyma's CMP processes create epi-ready surfaces with surface RMS of <0.5nm.

A particularly unique capability that Kyma has developed is that of controlling the detailed orientation including intentional mis-orientation (away from the primary orientation and towards a desired low index plane) of a crystalline wafer. Kyma has applied these capabilities to several different crystals, including c-plane GaN, m-plane GaN, and more recently for mis-orienting Ga2O3 wafers in order to optimize the ability to grow high quality epitaxial device layers upon them.