Ga2O3 & Related Materials

Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3) is an important new material being researched worldwide for its unique properties, especially for high voltage and high power semiconductor device applications. Kyma's Ga2O3 product and service offering includes Substrates, Epiwafers, HVPE Crystal Growth Tools, and Wafer Fabrication & Reclaim Services. You may also want to visit our Publications Page for a link to scientific articles that feature Kyma's Ga2O3 materials and services including a 2019 Paper by Kyma entitled Halide vapor phase epitaxial growth of β-Ga2O3 and α-Ga2O3 films. More about how Kyma's Ga2O3 is leading us into the future can be found here.

Gallium Oxide Substrates

Kyma offers (010) orientation single crystal gallium oxide (ß-Ga2O3) substrates (and epiwafers) to support the development of epitaxial growth and device development in this exciting new materials system.

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