1" Gallium Oxide Substrate

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1" Gallium Oxide Substrate

Bulk Gallium Oxide, Semi-insulating Size: 25.4mm +/- 1mm Orientation: (010) Nominal thickness: 450um +/- 50um Semi-insulating Front surface finish: Epi-ready, RMS <0.5nm Back surface finish: Optical polish

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Product Details


  • Exceptionally high crystalline quality and purity
  • Customizable doping and composition profiles
  • Scalable production for commercial applications


  • Improved electrical characteristics and thermal stability
  • Enhanced power handling and switching capabilities
  • Reduced energy losses and improved efficiency


  • High-power and high-frequency transistors
  • High-brightness LEDs and laser diodes
  • Power conversion systems for renewable energy
  • Radar and satellite communication systems

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