Materials Characterization

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Materials Characterization

Kyma customers benefit from Kyma's in-house suite of routine characterization tools and its quick access to local advanced characterization facilities.Kyma also has rapid access to a number of advanced characterization tool at partner facilities in The Triangle for which Kyma staff is trained and certified to use. Kyma also has long standing relationships with a number of outsource characterization service providers and we can put together a characterization proposal that fits you needs based on an optimized combination of in-house, local, and outsource capabilities.Kyma's routine in-house characterization capabilities include:

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  • Comprehensive in-house and external characterization techniques
  • Electrical resistivity measurements (5x104 to 5x109 Ohm-cm) for bulk and thin films
  • Surface morphology mapping using white light interferometry
  • Contactless thin film thickness measurements (150Å to 450µm)
  • Contactless thickness mapping and bow measurements (up to 4 inches)
  • X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis including rocking curves, reciprocal space maps, and simulations
  • Access to advanced techniques like AFM, SIMS, Raman, SEM, TEM, and optical spectroscopy


  • In-depth analysis of structural, electrical, optical, and physical material properties
  • Optimization of compound semiconductor materials and device performance
  • Comprehensive characterization data for successful product development
  • Insights into process optimization and defect identification
  • Streamlined characterization services from a single provider
  • State-of-the-art facilities and expertise in compound semiconductor analysis\


  • Characterization of III-Nitride (GaN, AlN, InN) materials and devices
  • Analysis of II-VI and oxide semiconductor materials
  • Evaluation of advanced optoelectronic and electronic materials
  • Characterization of epitaxial layers and device structures
  • Investigating novel compound semiconductor materials
  • Process monitoring and quality control
  • Failure analysis and root cause identification

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