K200™ HVPE Growth Tools

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K200™ HVPE Growth Tools

Kyma's K200™ HVPE Growth Tool is the industry's first fully automated large diameter hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) growth tool.The K200™ HVPE Growth Tool design benefits from hundreds of engineering advances achieved over 15 years of experience at Kyma in the application of HVPE to the growth of GaN, AlN, AlGaN and Ga2O3. These engineering advances include detailed hardware and gas flow designs which together serve to increased tool uptime between maintenance events and to minimize the cost of replacement parts associated with each maintenance event. All routine replacement parts are kept in inventory at Kyma and are available on short notice to Kyma's customers.

Product Details


  • Fully automated 25x200mm wafer carousel loadlock and transfer system
  • Designed by Kyma with over 15 years of process experience
  • Standard configuration for GaN growth using internal Ga source
  • High uniformity 1x200mm diameter wafer growth capability
  • Designed for high uptime and long growth campaigns supporting over 1 mm GaN growth per campaign
  • Fast and inexpensive maintenance cycles


  • Automated system ensures consistent and reproducible growth conditions
  • Leverages Kyma's extensive expertise in III-nitride growth processes
  • Internal Ga source provides efficient and controlled material delivery
  • Large-area 200mm wafer capability for scalable manufacturing
  • Long campaign durations and high uptime maximize productivity
  • Rapid and cost-effective maintenance minimizes downtime


  • Growth of high-quality GaN epilayers for electronic and optoelectronic devices
  • Production of AlN, AlGaN, and (Al,Ga)2O3 layers (with optional configurations)
  • Doping with Si, Fe, Mg, and other dopants (with optional configurations)
  • Integration of external metal sources (with optional configurations)
  • 1x150mm wafer configuration available as an option

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