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Pure Gallium Nitride

PureGaNtm is a breakthrough in GaN quality that unlocks the true versatility and value of vertical GaN power devices. Kyma's proprietary HVPE technology allows thick GaN films with extremely high chemical purity to be grown. When making the n-type drift layers for vertical power devices, the free electron concentration of the undoped films can be made to be much lower than GaN produced by other methods. The key to our technology lies in our reactor design. We keep out the background impurities that unintentionally dope as well as those that compensate the films:

Product Details


  • Exceptionally high crystalline quality and purity
  • Customizable doping and composition profiles
  • Scalable production for commercial applications


  • Improved electrical characteristics and thermal stability
  • Enhanced power handling and switching capabilities
  • Reduced energy losses and improved efficiency


  • High-power and high-frequency transistors
  • High-brightness LEDs and laser diodes
  • Power conversion systems for renewable energy
  • Radar and satellite communication systems

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