Machine Shop

The mission of Kyma's Machine Shop is to support rapid manufacturing of low volume parts needed to accelerate progress on important projects for both internal and external customers.

Kyma Technologies has over 20 years of experience designing and fabricating semiconductor manufacturing equipment.  As our design skills have matured and expanded, so have our in-house fabrication capabilities.  Recently Kyma formed a partnership with CAS Machine to expand our in-house capabilities.  Kyma takes pride in our commitment to deliver quality products and design solutions to our customers and to do so rapidly because rarely does a customer want a part made and delivered the slow way!

Machining Capabilities:

CNC Milling
Vertical Milling
Grinding and Slicing of Hard Materials
Orbital Welding
Fabrication & Welding
Mechanical Pulverizing
EDM Machining
Water Jet Cutting
Quartz Machining
Powder Coating
Ceramic Coating

We can also help with Mechanical Design & Modeling.