Materials Characterization

Kyma customers benefit from Kyma's in-house suite of routine characterization tools and its quick access to local advanced characterization facilities.

Kyma also has rapid access to a number of advanced characterization tool at partner facilities in The Triangle for which Kyma staff is trained and certified to use. Kyma also has long standing relationships with a number of outsource characterization service providers and we can put together a characterization proposal that fits you needs based on an optimized combination of in-house, local, and outsource capabilities.

Kyma's routine in-house characterization capabilities include:

Electrical Resistivity: High-resistivity measurement of semi-insulating semiconductor bulk substrates and other materials ranging from 5x104 to 5x109 Ohm-cm with sizes from 10mm x 10mm squares to 150mm diameter and thicknesses between 350 and 650um
Low to medium resistivity sheet resistance, resistivity and thickness of semiconductor bulk substrates and thin films ranging from 0.035 to 3000 Ohms/square with sizes from 5mm x 5mm squares to 100mm in diameter.
Surface Morphology: White light interferometric surface morphology mapping of thin and thick film substrates. Dimensions capability includes 1mm x 1mm to 4 inches in diameter.
Thickness: Contactless measurements of semiconductor thin films ranging from 150Å to 450µm with sizes from 5mm x 5mm squares to 100mm in diameter.
Thickness & Bow: Contactless single-probe, multi-point thickness mapping and bow measurement of thin and thick films on substrates up to 4 inches in diameter.
X-Ray Diffraction: A number of different XRD measurements are possible, from simple rocking curves and theta-2 theta curves to full reciprocal space maps. We can also simulate XRD spectra and compare with measured spectra.

Kyma's external characterization capabilities include: AFM, SIMS, Raman Spectroscopy, SEM, TEM, High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography, UV-VIS-NIR Spectroscopy, FTIR Spectrometry, and Photoluminescence.